Friday, September 13, 2002

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New Zealand has been such a great spy partner for us. Read a little bit about their role with Echelon in Nicky Hager's revealing book, Secret Power "New Zealand's Role in the International Spy Network."
Is this Fair? Check out how the US government agency, the NSA, used spy technology to win contracts with foreign companies overseas for US businesses.
So President Bush wants us to go to war with Iraq. And he says that he is "doubtful they will comply with our demands." REALLY? You don't say. Iraq has continually spit in our FACES since 1991 when we declared victory on the Iraqi Army which lasted only 3-4 days. However, I think "Saddamn" Hussein laughed in our faces and actually made us back off by lighting oil fires which could be seen from SPACE. Thats a pretty big ass fire, don't you say? Oh NOO, Saddam only had to spark a match on a global resource that is the second largest oil reserve in the WORLD. That certainly taught us a lesson to not come after him and his army. And I am not talking sarcasticly here. We did nothing to Saddam in over 10 years. Yes, we launched a few missles, but that obviously did not stop him. He spent maybe a few bucks to get our attention and we spent about $9 billion and if you count all the other countries who lended their financial support, the total is around $61 billion. Those numbers are just horrifying to say the least. We lost about 100 men and women to combat and for what? This may sound cruel, but we fought that war to save OIL and billions potential money lost. Our dependence on OIL is a decision that has our whole country's back to the wall. Saddam knows he has control over us, and we just won't admit it. We are giving him all this damn time to hide when in actuality, he could walk down WALL STREET and no one would fire a shot. Because you know why? Because he does not give a damn and knows that as long as his country has OIL, they hold all the cards.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

OK, I forgot one thing to talk about. Katherine Harris. What a character!! She obviously has won her spot to run for a State Congress Seat, but she is in my eyes an idiot. This is a person who had no control over the election of 2000. It made us in Florida look like bumbling idiots and rightfully so. She also does not follow the very own election laws she is supposed to enforce. However, I will give her the benfit of the doubt, and I really doubt. But I will research in more detail her track record to see just what Miss Harris has done for the community and what she really represents and is all about. So I plan on starting the Katherine Harris Stupidity-O-Meter which at this point is a 10. That is the highest it can go and we will see in the coming months where it will end up.
Please email me: if you want your voice to be heard, and I will post it here on this blog.
I think another bad habit or myth is when you actually do go vote. I found this out first hand today when I placed my vote. Say you have registered to vote and received your card in the mail and you go to your polling place to cast your ballot. You get there and notice that there are a lot more people or issues to vote for than just governor, senator, or president. A lot of people think they have to place a vote, but the truth is if you do not want to vote for someone, then leave it blank. Do not give someone the satisfaction of having your vote if you have no clue what the hell they do or represent. I unfortunately fell prey to this myth and place a vote for "who's name sounded cool" or "ennie, meennie, minnie, moe." That is wrong and I will never do that again. I know it sounds stupid, but I am sure someone else has done that. You feel pressured to vote for someone so you vote for say a name you recognize. That is not the way to vote and to me is just plain wrong.
There are some bad habits or voting myths that I think would clear up immediately if we addressed them now. For one, "my vote does not really count" or "how can my vote change anything?" said by EVERYONE! First of all, that is selfish. You have been given the right to cast a vote and elect someone into office. Use it! Feel good about it. It is sacred and should be used. A 25% turnout rate every election is pathetic. We have had the same cranky old politicians in office for many generations who are out of touch with what is current and have other agendas in mind other than reepresenting you the citizen. That is one of the main functions of being a politician is representing your constituents, or you the voter. Thinking about being re-elected and keeping the family name in office is HOGWASH with a capital HOG!!! Consider this, you have opinions on things, right? You say hey, that should change, well one way to voice or put that opinion in action is to vote. It has been said every election year that the turnout rate is low. Most of you have not even registered to vote and should. It is very simple and takes no less than 2 minutes to do. You can go to your local DMV or Traffic Court and pick up a form to fill out. I am happy to say I turned 2 of my friends into registered voters and feel damn proud.
So it looks like McBride will become the Democratic candidate for governor in FL. I did not vote for him, but however, I did vote for Daryl Jones. Some people may not care to talk about who they voted for, but I don't care. I think a lot of people should really stick behind their vote and not be ashamed of possibly voting for the underdog who has no chance to win. Voting is not about voting who is gonna win, but to exercise you choice for who you want to elect. And if that person does not win, SO WHAT?!! There always will be another day to voice your opinion and you will always have a chance to elect who you think should be in office.
Ok, I exercised one our of most sacred rights today, I voted. I hope most of you took a little time out of your busy lives to vote as well. I also used for the first time, Touchscreen voting machines. I have to say that the new technology was really easy to use and seems a more effiecient method of counting votes. I know there were a few misshaps, but those have been minor and are expected. I hope that as the generation of 20 and 30 year olds grows and grows that more of us really take voting seriously and understand that it is one of the most important rights we ever will have.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

However, it may be sad to say, but what occured on that fateful day was going to happen no matter what. You had 19 determined hijackers who in no fair terms outsmarted all of us. They used technology to disguise what they knew about the planes they were attempting to hijack and also to send messages back and forth. This is a known fact. They also glorified the debacle of a system we call the INS. It is a joke. Go to their website provided previously and get a complete understanding to how confusing and completely ignorant that agency is. I believe that simply applying for a VISA should not be the only way to obtain temporary citizenship. Alternative ideas should be brought forth that will address this situation in a way it should be handled. I have no idea since my scope of international relations is inexperienced at best, so I will leave that up to anyone who would like to discuss this matter in more detail.
As the anniversary of September 11th draws close, I just want to state that I believe what happened was a tragedy. As I think most Americans did. My condolensces go out to all those directly or indirectly affect by the events on that day.
I plan on getting into the word and concept of racism. My stand is that I hate racism in all its forms, but must admit that as a white man living in today's society I am guilty of submitting to this most lowest form of human activity. I hope to bring forth many ideas to why racism is as strong as ever and how it seems to come so naturally to the white race as a whole. If you are white and reading this then pay close attention. If you are of any color, please pay close attention. I believe that whites are programmed to hate. This can go into many perspectives, but I hope to start with the social aspect of it. For many years, and I mean thousands, it has been the white man to opress and destroy. Whether owning slaves in Europe during the Middle Ages or bringing slaves to American was strickly a white conception. How do I know this? Well, think about how and why it is so easy for whites to put down another race. Over years of conversing with my friends I have noticed that we made fun of anyone different. "Look at that fat kid." "Check out that monkey lookin bitch." All forms of silent racism, but racism nonetheless. We can go hours upon hours of making fun of other people. And this does not include just my friends, it includes all other groups where whites are the dominant #. It comes so natural for us to tease and point out all that is different from us. Why is that? I have no idea, but I hope in the coming months that I find out. I am sick of having been fed racist ideas or jokes in my childhood and in a sense not noing that it would stick with me for several years. However, I am proud to admit that I have taken off my racist overcoat, and fought back all the racist urges. I never really was a fanatical racist where I would burn black churches, but I believe that I am guilty nonetheless. You hear the idea that man is born with sin, well I think that only applies to the white male and yes female. For eons we have used our naturally occuring racist urges and tendencies to increase our power and hold over all that we can. I think it is time for us to quit denying our inner-most thoughts and confront and defeat them. I have, and so can you.
Considered to have influenced such men, even though I don't consider them men, as Hitler and Mussolini, Nietzsche formed an idea of living outside the current views of morality and ethics. This does not mean that you consider immoral acts moral or commit murder, etc. No, what Frederick Nietzsche was trying explain was that religion and the current philosophy of what is good or bad was sugarcoating the truth. Humans ultimate pursuit was for power and power alone. He was an egoist with egoistic views. I chose to include this man because the whole purpose of this blog is to challenge all major and influencial denominations, orginizations, and ideas. I'll leave this discussion at that, but I hope those who read this will attempt to either support or challenge the views of the German philosopher, Frederick Nietzsche.
This blog was created to post the current views of a man named Justin McGrath. Thats me! I have stood silent long enough and I think it is time for my ideas to be heard or at least expressed. This is my first time blogging so please bare with me. I hope to update this blog continuously. To answer any questions to the name of this site, I will explain this in a very short sentence. Machianews is named after Machiavelli. And news just sounded right. Anyway, I don't expect anyone to read this or the word to get passed around because what I am about to talk about will conflict with very foundation and roots of our US Constitution and democratic views. I hope to debate and question all that makes you, an American citizen, you. So let's get on with it, shall we?